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City Parks Alliance


The Social Driver team handled our compressed timeline, scope of the project, and extensive integrations, delivering the site on time and on budget. Their professionalism, clear communication, proactive thinking, and project management helped us meet the shared goal of digitally reintroducing ourselves at our Greater & Greener conference.


City Parks Alliance is the only independent, nationwide membership organization solely dedicated to urban parks. And they’re passionate about their work. Their website, however, was failing to meet their standards. Members couldn’t find resources, their brand image felt dated and their ad hoc AMS was costing hundreds of hours of work a year.


Social Driver partnered with City Parks Alliance to take a wholesale look at their web presence. Starting at the very highest levels we reworked the site architecture, user experience, content strategy and integrated the site with their tech stack. This was done in parallel with a brand refresh, ensuring a clean, modern and usable site.


More people are visiting the site and are staying around. City Parks Alliance also issued a press release detailing the project in their own words.







How We helped

Content Strategy & Production
Brand Development
Salesforce Integration
Research & Digital Strategy

Resources, Easily Found

The tools, videos, and publications City Parks Alliance has in their vast library have the potential to be a driving force of change for many parks across the country, so making them easy to find was a priority. In addition to an overhauled site map, we included an improved site search that does it all: Autocomplete, sort by topic or relevance, indexed PDFs and handles gated membership content with ease.

Video within a cellphone sized window.

A Greater (and Greener) Brand Image

We created a refreshed look and feel that conveys the open and accessible nature of the parks that City Parks Alliance promote and support. Clean typography, playful illustrations and candid photography harmonize to capture a balance between approachable energy and authoritative thought leadership.

Grid of icons
Custom iconography created for the refreshed brand

Hand drawn subtle background illustrations
Illustration style: equal parts nature, recreation and urban.

Grid of City Parks Alliance Branded Colors
A refined color palette brings in those nature feels.

Promoting Membership

As a membership organization, encouraging prospects to become full members is a crucial goal for City Parks Alliance. By highlighting members-only resources and strategically placing calls to join the Alliance we created a clear value proposition and funnel for potential members.

Collage of City Parks Alliance website screens

Accessible Everywhere

The new website was built with accessibility in mind, meeting WCAG 2.0 standards sitewide. Additionally, the site is fully responsive and mobile ready. So no matter where you are or how you interface with the web you can still find the resources you need.

Custom AMS Integration

Being able to manage your members is just as important as acquiring new ones. That’s why the new site boasts a fully integrated, Salesforce powered Association Management System.

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