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Messaging & Branding & Content

Messaging and branding give the campaign a voice (written, spoken and visual) for all campaign materials. Our in-house creative studios produce the content and assets needed to support the campaign strategy, including the production of designs, videos, graphics, fact-sheets, toolkits and content calendars.

Website & Social Media & Ad Campaign

Our goal is to work as a partner with our clients. We launch websites and social media plans that can be managed by the client’s staff. We also have full service capabilities to manage campaigns. We provide database/ system integrations, paid advertising strategies, SEO and analytics reporting.

A Winning Strategy

Creating a winning plan requires working together as a partner — establishing a vision, prioritizing objectives and optimizing for performance. We use audience intelligence and data to understand the target audiences, using their perspectives to identify key influencers and get noticed by policymakers, journalists and other influencers.

How do you launch a winning advocacy campaign?

You make it relevant for today.

We all want to make lightning strike—to launch an advocacy campaign that exceeds our goals and achieves results at the speed of light. To understand the science behind winning, let's take a lesson from nature.

Lightning may seem to emanate from the sky and strike the ground, but science tells us the opposite is true. An invisible "leader bolt" creates a channel between the cloud and the earth, releasing a charge of electricity that shoots up into the sky, not down. From this, we realize our initial understanding had more in common with the Zeus of Greek mythology than reality, and so we must have a different approach. The same is true with advocacy today.

Successful advocacy campaigns target existing pockets of energy and create channels to unleash that potential.

Social Driver listens to and clarifies your advocacy goals, conducting audience intelligence around those you are trying to reach and finding opportunities for unleashed potential. We then develop creative, content and technology designed to activate that potential and win.


Mobilize, Engage, Win

Our approach to strategy begins with understanding the people side of the question, through what we call ‘audience intelligence.’ We work together as a partner to understand the why, who and what of a campaign. We identify real opportunities for engagement that align with those objectives. Then, we develop a detailed plan of action.

  • Generate action from real people
  • Unleash sharing and outreach from supporters
  • Reach policymakers and journalists
  • Change perceptions and drive action

"This DC digital services firm helped guarantee access to WiFi in public schools."

When the FCC voted to raise funding to support broadband internet in public schools, the commission made the announcement with a hashtag created by D.C.-based Social Driver.
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We develop the campaign’s key messaging and talking points, which are informed by the audience research. Breaking out messaging by audience, to ensure our voice will be heard and inspire action with the right people.

Collage of medical social graphics


Branding is the visual voice of the campaign. We begin with creative direction to establish the fundamentals of the campaign brand, before finalizing the campaign style guide and logo.

Screen shots of campaign branding


An advocacy website is the hub of campaign activity. It’s where key resources and toolkits live. It can also be connected to advocacy tools to contact elected officials and building lists. We have in-house UX specialists, developers and designers to build and launch the campaign site.

  • Full-service website design and development
  • Microsites, toolkits and resources
  • Integration with 50 systems including: Google Analytics, Salesforce, EveryAction, Mailchimp, Phone2Action, Social Media, CRMs, AMS and more
Screen shots of a website built by Social Driver on both mobile and desktop

Content + Video

Content is king. Our in-house creative studios produce videos, graphics, GIFs and other consumable content. As we develop content we use our 6 Es of Engagement framework to determine the right content at the right time. Are we trying to Elevate? Empower? Ease? Entertain? Entice? or Educate?

  • Branded content (posters, mailers, leave behinds, etc.)
  • Social media content (Content calendars, GIFs, Videos, etc.)
  • Partner toolkits (Facts, Style Guides, Example Content, etc.)
  • Emails + Drip Campaigns
Screenshot of a Twitter post at SXSW

Social Media Community Management

Whether we are providing the social media management or our client is running their own channels, social media community management is important to shape and build engagement. We provide services from day-to-day management to training and reporting.

  • Influencer strategies
  • Content traffic lights (rules of engagement)
  • Follower growth strategies
  • User generated content strategies
  • Strategic recommendations for communities, conversations, content, channels and competition
Screen shots of the Save Student Aid campaign on various social media channels

Digital + Social Media Advertising

Digital and social media advertising lets your campaign tell its side of the story. Amplify those messages to reach more of the right people through a technical and data-driven set of strategies and tools on Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit and other platforms.

  • Social digital advertising
  • Search engine advertising
  • Messenger/Snapchat advertising
  • Retargeting
  • Email/database matching
  • Custom audience development

User Generated Content + Influencers

Today, people are writing their own real-time autobiographies. They are telling a story. Instead of trying to interrupt them, we should ask, “How can we be a character in their autobiography?” Many of today’s most effective strategies leverage ambassadors that require “pitching” to influencers with their own audience. But we succeed by learning what stories people are already writing, and then becoming a character in that story.

Contact Policymakers

Be Heard + Counted by Policymakers

Advocacy campaigns often need a strong call to action. Social Driver has strategies and technologies to be heard by Congress and policymakers. Sometimes a social media post from a constituent is the right call to action. Other times, it may be more effective to have a “Contact Congress” feature on a website.

  • Social media strategies to be highly visible and relevant to policymakers
  • Integration and experience with Phone2Action, VoterVoice, NationBuilder, EveryAction and other advocacy platforms
Twitter post from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce featuring one of Social Driver's clients

Measurement + Reporting

We will measure the success of the campaign by evaluating what people see (reach and impressions, such as video views), what people say (engagement, such as social media likes and comments), and what people do (website sign-ups, stories captured or shared by stakeholders and members of the public, etc.).

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