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Strategy & Targeting

Creating impactful experiences for your audience requires understanding where, when, and how they want to be communicated with. Through audience intelligence and sophisticated targeting, we harness digital media to reach the right people—from gaining their awareness, to inspiring action, to earning their loyalty.

Placement & Management

The digital landscape is always changing and impacting the outcome of a campaign. Our experienced team keeps a pulse on these changes and recognizes that the most effective strategies today have a paid component that ensures content is seen by the right people at the right time in the right place.

Creative Direction & Production

We believe that all content should be a great enough to stand on its own. It’s our goal to partner with you to develop messaging and branding that gives the campaign a voice. Our in-house creative studios produce the content needed to support the campaign strategy, including videos, graphics, toolkits and content calendars.

Creating a personal experience for users is more important than ever and digital advertising allows us to create individualized touch points throughout their journey - creating an impactful experience while generating results.

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How do you drive more results?

Connect and inspire - right people, right place, right time.

You need to grow and manage your strategy. Today, digital and social media advertising can be key to hitting your goals.

Social Driver has significant experience and capabilities in producing quality leads and nurturing connections through digital and social media advertising strategies. Our proven strategic approach, includes audience research, smart audience targeting, planned touch points throughout the consumer journey, and ongoing testing, monitoring and optimization. Throughout the entire lifecycle of the campaign, we measure the strategic effectiveness in a way that continues to set the bar for success while clearly being able to articulate progress to executives and key stakeholders.

To best understand our planning process, it is important to first understand our strategic model. The Marketing Funnel is the traditional model used to understand the buyer’s journey from awareness to purchase to becoming a loyal customer, but rarely is the customer’s journey this simple and linear. When it comes to digital media advertising campaigns, we have adapted the Loyalty Loop, developed by McKinsey & Company global management company, to better define a consumer’s ongoing digital experience. Consumers will continue to interact with you following conversion. We’ll walk through the entire journey and explain how each digital touchpoint affects consumer loyalty.

Leveraging marketing and audience analysis, we will outline a series of targeting techniques, one of the most important steps, in ensuring we are effectively engaging the right people and optimizing the budget.

Audience Targeting

Paid media presents additional targeting capabilities that allow you to reach very specific people based on interests, demographics, keywords, online actions and more. Audience targeting allows us to:

  • Research and target custom audience segments
  • Provide tailored messaging/creative to sub-groups
  • Retarget specific people across devices, websites and apps

Social Data Matching

Data can be an extremely valuable asset to any digital campaign. Using audience data gathered from your email list or customer database, we target corresponding profiles on social media. Aside from matching audience profiles with this information, we can identify “lookalike” profiles with similar behaviors, interests and demographics to continue building audiences.


Most of our paid efforts will include a geotargeting component, which allows us to target based on location and at least one other attribute, such as demographics, interest or behavioral actions. We can target people based on where they live or work but we can also target mobile users as they enter a targeted geographic location. We can combine this with other advertising techniques such as retargeting to get even more results from your campaign.

Google Search Engine + Display Ads

Running campaigns on Google AdWords allows us to reach an intent-driven audience. We can serve Google search ads to individuals actively searching specific keywords and phrases, a feature not offered through social advertising. By optimizing your ads, we ensure they appear on the top of the first page of Google’s search engine results pages.

Running campaigns through the Google Display Network allows us to place ads on a variety of sites. This placement expands your online presence and increases your brand’s visibility. By leveraging bold creative assets, we attract your audience and entice them to visit your site.

You can get even more results by combining Google search and displays into an integrated strategy. As users visit your site through search engine advertising, you can continue to reach them with retargeted banner ads as the continue to browse other websites or use mobile apps.

Google Adwords Screenshot "Signs and Symptoms - Food Poisoning"
Google Adwords Screenshot "High Blood Pressure - Signs and Symptoms"

Facebook, Audience Network, & Instagram Ads

Facebook is a powerful advertising platform as it allows us to place ads optimized for awareness, consideration and conversion, which comes with smart tracking to clearly attribute actions taken through your ad to reach your goal.

It’s much more than promoted posts. By running campaigns through this platform, we have the ability to serve ads on Facebook (News Feed, In-Stream videos, Right Column, Suggested Videos), on Instagram (Feed, Instagram Stories), on Facebook Messenger and on the Audience Network. Facebook also has multiple ad formats that we can use to serve different types of creative to your audience (carousel, videos, slideshow, collection).

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Twitter Ads

Twitter’s advertising platform allows us to reach audiences based on keywords, hashtags, interests and accounts they follow. By placing ads optimized for conversions, awareness or lead generation, we can ensure you are reaching the right people in your audience who will take the correct action to meet your goal. As with Facebook, Twitter also uses social data matching to run retargeting ads, allowing you to reach specific people on an email list, or who have visited your website in the past.

Twitter’s ability to target people based off of hashtags they use and events they attend, has enabled us to be especially effective in reaching people around specific movements or events.


Unlike other platforms, YouTube is centered around video. Thanks to Google AdWords’ advertising placement capabilities, we are able to reach people who are watching or searching for videos on YouTube. These video advertisements are available to use in a few different forms:

  • Bumper ads: 6-second videos that are ideal for mobile and conveying a short, yet memorable message.
  • In-stream ads: A skippable video that appears before a main video.
  • Discovery ads: These appear within YouTube search results, on the homepage or alongside relevant videos.
Abstract image of Youtube website

Others: Snapchat, LinkedIn, Reddit + More

In every campaign Social Driver runs, we look to our audience research to inform which platforms will be most effective in reaching our audiences and meeting our goals. In some instances, our research leads us to advertising on niche platforms including, but not limited to the below. Each of these platforms have their own unique capabilities, from geofences to giving audience members the ability to upvote or downvote ads.

  • Snapchat: Through the use of targeted geofilters, Snapchat allows us to reach a unique audience and engage in an interactive way.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is one of the most ideal platforms to advertise on when reaching out to professionals. For example, we can target people based on job title, years of experience, industry, company name and many more.
  • Reddit: Reddit is a great platform to advertise on when activating an audience that is passionate about popular topics as it allows them the opportunity upvote, downvote and express their opinions through comments. Thanks to Reddit’s subreddits, we can reach people who are engaged in particular conversation.
  • Mobile Advertising: 63% of site visits in the United States come from mobile devices over desktop. It is becoming increasingly important to ensure that ads are mobile-optimized. Most major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google AdWords have the ability to serve ads to mobile users, so we are able to engage audiences on the devices they are most active on. You also have the opportunity to advertise on thousands of apps through Google and Facebook’s advertising networks.

Optimization + Measuring Success

To ensure optimal performance and budget, Social Driver conducts regular monitoring of ads and optimizes when necessary. We measure performance and success by evaluating…

  • What people see: impressions, video views
  • What people say: likes, comments
  • What people do: website conversions, stories shared by stakeholders and community members

Each report we provide includes key takeaways and recommendations for future campaigns to help optimize the performance of your ads.

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