Social Driver’s Six Es of Engagement

Connect with your audience by understanding what motivates them.

To get the most from your digital and social media strategies you need to do more than post content — that’s just interrupting. True engagement requires meaningful interactions with your audience by understanding what motivates them.

The following engagement tactics, “The Six Es of Engagement,” provide a framework for different ways to spark connections with your audience. Engagement is the best way to break through the noise and reach your goals.


What’s a problem someone’s dealing with, and how can you help them solve it? Think about what issues people can have and how you can help them solve that concern. This content should make it easier for your audience to find information or useful materials.

Key questions
  • What problem is your audience trying to solve?
  • What concerns do they have?


How can you make your audience look good to their peers? Elevate them by showing off the great work they have created. Elevating helps build an audience of confident and engaged members.

Key questions
  • What does your audience think makes them look good to peers?
  • What makes them look important to others?


How can you make people feel good through motivation? Give them the tools they need to get involved in the conversation. This can be as easy as giving them a specific hashtag to use.

  • What makes your audience feel like they “got it right?”
  • What makes them feel powerful?


How do you catch someone’s attention? How do you make them smile? How do you make something enjoyable? By creating bold, exciting content that people will remember!

Key questions
  • What catches and keeps your audience’s attention?
  • What makes them smile?


How can you take information that people want to know and put it in a context that matters to them? Offer your audience information that they don’t have and can’t get anywhere else.

Key questions
  • What is your audience curious about?
  • What are they already looking for?


What is something that would be irresistible to get someone to take an action? Sometimes that’s a discount, or a special VIP offer. Sometimes curiosity forces them to click. Enticing your audience should drive them to take an action with the promise they will get something in return.

Key questions:
  • What offers does your audience have a hard time passing up?
  • What gives them a “fear of missing out”?

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