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How do you inspire learners to complete their GED test? You speak their language.

GED partnered with Social Driver to launch a social media campaign to increase GED registration and completion rates. One of the key resources within the campaign was a fun, shareable, video that succinctly explains the goals of the campaign. We implemented a “tasty video” to clearly explain the relationship between GED and future success.

The idea for an overhead style video was influenced by Buzzfeed’s video series. We conducted audience intelligence research that showed these types of videos were widely watched and shared by GED’s target audience.

The “Recipe for Success” video was specifically tailored to the GED audience. Our social media strategy and creative teams responded fast to real-time data to create a video in only 2 days that become the best performing video in GED’s history. It later received a 2017 Gold MarCom Award for excellence in marketing and communications.



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