Celebrating 50 Years of Impact with NFID

NFID is a renowned organization dedicated to advancing health literacy and infectious disease awareness, reached a significant milestone - their 50th anniversary. Word-of-mouth referrals, confirmed by solid references, led NFID to Social Driver, as they recognized the need for external expertise and bandwidth to accomplish their ambitious objectives ahead of their 50th. NFID's trust in Social Driver was based on their reputation for creativity, a willingness to incorporate input, and their commitment to customer service at all levels, from top to bottom. Social Driver crafted exciting creative, toolkits, and strategies to support NFID’s goals. 

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NFID faced several challenges as they embarked on their 50th-anniversary celebration. First, NFID's existing branding felt outdated and clinical, hindering their ability to connect with a younger audience as well as those who were not already familiar with their work. They needed a fresh and inclusive identity that would resonate with a broader demographic.

NFID aimed to increase visibility and awareness of their mission, particularly in the face of rampant misinformation about health issues. They needed a strategy to effectively educate both the public and healthcare professionals. 

With a new brand identity, NFID needed engaging content that aligned with their core pillars - educating, celebrating, making an impact, and building momentum. They sought to update their content to better serve these purposes. 


Social Driver collaborated closely with NFID to develop a multifaceted solution that included a brand refresh, updated logo, tagline, comprehensive style guide, and content strategy.

The team at Social Driver conducted a thorough visual inventory, analyzing NFID's current branding, industry standards, and contemporary design trends. They created three directional mood boards, with the chosen design featuring modern duo-tone imagery, a bold sans-serif font, and a new color palette that combined clinical and approachable elements. The revamped logo featured overlapping circles and a helix symbol, symbolizing the intersection of science and healthcare. 

Social Driver provided NFID with a comprehensive style guide that outlined logo usage, color palettes, typography choices, and guidelines for social media graphics. This guide ensured consistency across all communications.

Social Driver defined content pillars for NFID - educating about the impact of NFID, celebrating trailblazing efforts, making an impact on public health, and building momentum for the future. They created content templates and graphics tailored to each pillar, enabling NFID to share stories, historical facts, and prominent figures in the healthcare space. To encapsulate NFID's mission and pillars succinctly, Social Driver crafted the tagline "50 Years of Education, Prevention, and Impact," which became a central theme in their branding and communications.

Social media toolkits were also provided, offering strategic guidance and content to support NFID’s goal of reaching a broader demographic. 


The collaboration between NFID and Social Driver produced remarkable outcomes. NFID's brand received a modern, inclusive, and vibrant makeover. The new logo and visual identity resonated with both their existing audience and a younger, uninformed demographic.

NFID's content strategy effectively communicated their mission and values. Educational materials, historical facts, and personal stories engaged the audience while combating health misinformation. NFID's posts are crafted to garner attention from both healthcare professionals and the general public.

NFID also hosted an event in late 2022, featuring the new branding, logo, and animation, was a resounding success. It encapsulated 50 years of NFID's accomplishments, creating a memorable experience for attendees.

Social Driver's commitment to customer service, their willingness to incorporate NFID's input, and their professional, collaborative approach were instrumental in bringing NFID's 50th-anniversary celebration to life. This collaboration not only revitalized NFID's image but also reinforced their mission to educate, prevent, and impact infectious diseases, ensuring a brighter future for public health.

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