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The Templeton World Charity Foundation (TWCF) partnered with Social Driver to launch the "Discover Forgiveness" project—an initiative aimed at sharing the science of forgiveness across diverse cultures and contexts. The goal was to make forgiveness research accessible and actionable for individuals and communities worldwide. Social Driver was tasked with designing a website, building it, and creating a new brand identity for the project.

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The initial challenge was to revamp Discover Forgiveness, a digital hub of academic research on the benefits of forgiveness, which faced usability issues and lacked an organized structure. The design also posed some accessibility issues. The challenge was to create a unified and intuitive user experience and refreshed brand that interweaves the science of forgiveness and kindness across cultures, geographies, and traditions, into every aspect of the site.TWCF also wanted to enhance its perception as a leader in funding human potential unlocking and science-backed innovations. Moreover, there was a need to attract new researchers, solution developers, and followers while building affinity with the existing audience. Additionally, the original bradn and site needed an overhaul, while keeping the design adn themes that resonated.


Social Driver's comprehensive approach began with stakeholder engagement and research. We delved deep into understanding TWCF's vision, values, and goals. This informed our messaging and creative Intake phase, where we collaborated closely with TWCF to align the project with its mission. The development of our own Strategic Messaging Framework provided the project with a clear and compelling narrative.

Our team conducted a Visual Inventory to identify key elements that would resonate with the project's theme and maintain the parts of the existing brand that worked. Our next phase allowed us to present a range of creative ideas, ensuring alignment with TWCF's goals. This led to the creation of detailed Brand Guidelines that served as a blueprint for consistent and impactful branding.

In parallel, Social Driver built the website, applying a strategic web strategy to ensure a seamless user experience. The site was designed to evolve and expand its content library over time, aligning with the project's goal of providing the latest tools and research. Throughout the process, our team collaborated closely with TWCF, reflecting our commitment to client partnerships.

Social Driver implemented a solution to address the challenges presented by the initial Discover Forgiveness site. The redesigned Discover Forgiveness platform now not only showcases academic research on forgiveness but also incorporates accessible tools to facilitate forgiveness, including workbooks in multiple languages. The site almost functions like Netflix, allowing users to search and filter results based upon idiferent interests or characteristics. The site's modular design allows for easy updates and expansion of the content library over time. It also enables content to be labeled be region, audience, content type making it much easier to find, sort, and preview the research compiled on the site.  

Social Driver seamlessly integrated the new branding into the new site as well, creating a cohesive user experience. Drawing upon the previous iteration, pattern, and color played a critical role, but were overhauled to make for a more visually compelling site that also was easier to view. 


The collaboration between the Templeton World Charity Foundation and Social Driver resulted in a transformative project that not only met but exceeded the outlined goals. The new website serves as a hub for the global exploration of forgiveness research, offering accessible tools and resources. The refined brand identity positions TWCF as a leader in funding human potential unlocking and science-backed innovations.

The new features enabled research to be more easily found through. more nimble website. Through the distinct quilt-like design elements, content is coded to create visual meaning for the content.

The project successfully cultivated an affinity with the existing audience while attracting new and innovative researchers, solution developers, and followers. Social Driver's people-focused, data-centered, and collaborative approach ensured that the Discover Forgiveness project became a powerful tool for advancing TWCF's mission.

As Discover Forgiveness continues to expand its library of content, the project stands as a testament to the successful partnership between TWCF and Social Driver—a collaboration that not only advances the perception of the TWCF brand but also contributes to the global dialogue on forgiveness and human flourishing.

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