Breaking the noise barrier at SXSW

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It was above and beyond anything we had set out to do.


All the Noise Noise Noise

SXSW is one of the biggest tech events in the country. Nearly half a million attend and every single attendee feels the need to tweet about their experience. News and tech companies are clamoring for social clout each trying to gain the attention of the masses. In the midst of all this chatter, how can an organization stand out?


Above the Noise

You need to come prepared if you want to have an impact at SXSW and we brought our full set of strategies to bear. A strong unified message, properly focused, has the ability to break through the noise and reach people’s ears. On-the-ground teams, influencers, organic and paid posts were coordinated with consistent messaging across each major network.


We Took it to 11

In measurable results, the 2017 the #WeDC campaign achieved over 125 million social media impressions and over 30 million engagements. The campaign also just happened to break WDCEP’s record for lead generation at SXSW.


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Tweeted by Shaq, Mashable, the Wu-Tang Clan and Billboard

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