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Grads of Life and FSG’s Talent Rewire


We’ve had the opportunity to demonstrate the Opportunity Navigator to several employers and workforce professionals over the past few months. The feedback has been incredibly positive. People love the elegance and simplicity of the tool. It’s fun to use and offers the user immediate value. Thanks to our partnership with Social Driver the field now has a much-needed resource that we hope translates into real impact for frontline workers in the U.S.


Research has shown that increasing the diversity of leadership teams leads to more and better innovation and improved financial performance. But changing long-standing human resources practices can prove challenging for companies.

Grads of Life and Talent Rewire approached Social Driver wanting to increase diversity and inclusion in hiring by:

  • Helping busy employers find resources that work for their companies
  • Communicating best practices in employment to HR professionals
  • Providing personalized reports for HR professionals to present to upper management


Social Driver built the Opportunity Navigator to help businesses understand how to incorporate Opportunity Employment practices and find resources. Opportunity Employment practices are designed to help companies to leverage their role as employers to promote economic justice, driven by racial and gender equity, while addressing pressing talent needs.


The Opportunity Navigator Has Been Embraced by Employers

The Opportunity Navigator has been embraced by employers. During its rollout, about 70% of the initial employers included in the launch started the survey. Since then, leading companies, such as CVS and Bank of America, are seeing significant business benefits – such as reduced turnover, improved retention, and increased diversity and employee engagement – as a result of implementing Opportunity Employment practices.

How We helped

Wordpress Development
Content Strategy & Production
User Experience (UX)
Interactive Survey Development
Data Visualization

The Opportunity Navigator walks employers through an interactive survey that tailors information to the user and allows them to take their results to upper management for implementation.

The survey was designed to allow the client team to easily update the questions, collect data and export results.

Video within a cellphone sized window.

Connecting the Brand to People

The brand needed to be as powerful as the idea it was helping to communicate: embracing diversity and inclusion in hiring practices improves the bottom line.

It was imperative that this new brand stand on its own while leaving ample room to grow. A minimal approach to design with clean typography and a bold color palette created a sense of authority and trustworthiness. These elements, when paired with strong photography, connected the Opportunity Navigator’s message to the real people the initiative aims to help.

Easily Integrated

Social Driver used Gravity Forms, a premium plug-in with out-of-the-box features and an endless supply of add-ons, for the survey that provided:

  • Multi-page steps
  • Shareable results
  • Entry logs
  • Excel/CSV export

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