ZooLights Snapchat and Instagram Campaign

Amplify Pepco’s sponsorship of Zoolights using social media channels to engage customers in a fun, playful way outside of the typical company/customer relationship and raise awareness of Pepco’s Gift of Energy.
Develop a social media campaign on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook that effectively leveraged compelling creative and social media advertising to encourage attendees of ZooLights to share and interact with playful Snap filters containing Pepco’s branding.
More than 28,000 customers spent over 20 hours in playful, positive interactions with Pepco. More than 1 million DC residents interacted with the Powered by Pepco lenses.

How do you shine a light on an energy provider’s sponsorship of a beloved local event?

You connect with customers on-site and online.

ZooLights is a free, annual event at the Smithsonian National Zoo. Each year, over 250,000 visitors are awed by more than 500,000 environmentally friendly LED lights, two laser light shows set to music, food, and live music. This event is powered by Pepco and the company seeks to promote its sponsorship involvement to its customers and highlight the positive presence of Pepco in the community. The annual event is the perfect opportunity for Pepco to raise awareness of the gift of energy it provides to the Washington metropolitan area and presents an opportunity for positive interactions with the community.

To accomplish this goal, the Social Driver team proposed a geo-targeted digital advertising strategy that engaged Pepco customers in a playful, positive way while drawing attention to Pepco’s sponsorship of ZooLights. This innovative campaign consisted of social media content to promote the event, as well as on-the-ground coverage; geo-targeted Snap filters, allowing users to share photos of their winter fun at ZooLights with a playful filter that also contained Pepco branding; as well as a lens ad that reached users within 10 miles of the zoo.

Before, customers might not have been aware of how involved Pepco is in the community. Through this campaign, Pepco wanted to engage customers outside of the back-and-forth of monthly bills. By being in a customer’s selfie, Pepco was able to be a part of the community and highlight its sponsorship of such a beloved event. Social Driver’s geo-targeted digital advertising campaign, reached 1.1 million people and had more than 28,000 engagements on Snapchat with Pepco filters & lenses. Social Driver had an on-the-ground team producing a full Instagram story in real time, using pictures of customers with the Pepco filters and lenses. Attendees spent more than 20 hours interacting with Pepco filters and lenses. As a result of this interactive social strategy, Pepco was able to engage in playful, positive interactions with more than 1 million customers.

#PepcoZoolights Platform Activation

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