February 28, 2023

Social Driver's Chicago Office is Winning in the Windy City

Celebrating recognition by The Manifest and Social Driver’s Chicago office

Our Team

Social Driver is more than just an agency – it’s a team of passionate, creative individuals who partner with our clients to achieve their goals. With locations across the country, including Chicago, our culture is built on the values of collaboration, creativity, stewardship, and service. Our team members bring expertise to the table, helping us better understand the local community's needs and the businesses that call it home. From the hustle and bustle of the Loop to the beauty of Lake Michigan, we love being part of the Chicago community and working with clients to make a positive impact. 

Chicago has a fondness in the hearts of the Social Driver team and an affinity for the clients and the team members we call “Drivers” based in the city. Chicago is more than one of our offices; it is the site of one-off coffees for out-of-town Drivers to connect or for larger team gatherings like Summer Sesh. We're proud to call Chicago home for our team and business.

Recently, Social Driver received recognition for its Chicago office and was named one of the most-reviewed web developers in Chicago by The Manifest, a business blog and reviews website that provides practical business insights for growing companies. This award is a testament to our team's passion for web development and dedication to delivering exceptional service to our clients in Chicago and beyond.

The Social Driver team of developers, designers, and digital strategists has a proven track record of producing and implementing innovative digital solutions for top corporations, leading nonprofits, and cutting-edge associations. Social Driver's capabilities more than web development as well including social media strategy, video production, community management, digital advocacy, marketing, and more. But what sets Social Driver apart is a commitment to excellence and serving our clients, whether in Chicago, Washington DC, or anywhere in the world. 

At Social Driver, we focus on delivering top-notch services while prioritizing creating a welcoming, collaborative company culture. Chicago has a special place in our hearts, and we've had the pleasure of hosting some of our most memorable events in this great city. For example, last summer, we held our annual Summer Sesh events, which took place this year in several cities across the United States, including Chicago. Our team members gathered in the Windy City for team-building activities and events, including an architectural boat tour, happy hours, team lunches, and in-person work sessions.

Miles Ramsay, VP of Creative at Social Driver, said this about the Chicago Summer Sesh: "Chicago Summer Sesh was great! Anytime we can get our creative team together in person is always a win. It's especially rewarding to do so in an environment that's so rich in art, history, and architecture. My team and I loved it, and I personally can't wait to go on the architectural boat tour again!

We love Chicago and are happy one of our offices calls it home. We're proud to have been recognized as one of the top web developers in the city, but more importantly, we are thrilled that our team is getting recognition for their work while building our culture. As we continue to grow and expand our business, we're excited to see what the future holds and to continue our work with the Chicago community.

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