October 13, 2023

Unlocking WhatsApp's Influence in West Africa

Marketing & Communications

In our recent event, the National Digital Roundtable brought together independent researcher Jamie Hitchen, a prominent figure in the field of African politics. With a background at the Africa Research Institute and an MA in History from the University of Edinburgh, Jamie's expertise is unmatched.

What We Explored:

WhatsApp's Influence: Discover how WhatsApp is shaping advocacy in West Africa and influencing the region's socio-political landscape.

Educational Impact: Explore the role of WhatsApp in education and how it's transforming learning methods in West Africa.

Everyday Applications: Learn about the everyday applications of WhatsApp in West Africa and the valuable lessons it holds for global digital strategists.

This event was a deep dive into the interplay between formal and informal dynamics, politics, and governance in West Africa, all wrapped up in the context of Jamie Hitchen's co-authored book, "WhatsApp and Everyday Life in West Africa."

Don't miss out on the insights that can shape your understanding of WhatsApp's significance in West Africa. Watch the full video of the event and stay informed about the region's digital landscape. Join us in unraveling the impact of WhatsApp in West Africa!