Pepco Zoolights
Brand affinity through fun

ZooLights made from hundrends of Christmas lights spelled out in a big bright archway

Every year, the Smithsonian National Zoo hosts ZooLights, a holiday season event featuring over 500,000 LED lights, 2 laser light shows, live music and great food. In total, a quarter million people experience this festive event and for the past 12 years, it has all been powered by Pepco.


Raising Awareness

While the event might reach a huge audience, not many realize just how large a role Pepco plays in making it happen every year. So, to raise awareness we created a campaign that’s (almost) as fun as the event itself.



By focusing on people in and near the Zoo, the campaign created valuable and relevant digital experiences that paired perfectly with their journey throughout the Zoo. Our on-the-ground team produced an Instagram story in real time, using pictures of customers with the Pepco lens and filters . Attendees shared photos of their winter fun at Zoolights using our custom Snap filters that contained the Pepco logo. We also implemented geo-targeting to reach users within 10 miles of the Smithsonian National Zoo with a Snap Lens ad.

How We Helped

Social Media Strategy
Content Strategy & Production
Creative Direction & Production
Social Media/Community Management
Social Media/Digital Advertising
On-the-ground Social Media Team


Let’s just say we reached a lot of people.

The Zoolights campaign spanned Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and reached over 1.2 million people.

Total Impressions
Views of Snaps Using Pepco Filters & Lenses
Users Interacted With Pepco Filters & Lenses
Snaps Sent Using Pepco Filters & Lenses
Snaps Sent Using Pepco Filters & Lenses

By being in a customer’s selfie, Pepco was able to engage the local community and highlight its sponsorship of such a beloved event. As a result of our interactive social strategy, Pepco was able to participate in playful, positive interactions with more than 1 million customers.

Pepco snapchat filter in use
Pepco snapchat filter in use
Video within a cellphone sized window.
Pepco snapchat filter in use
Pepco snapchat filter in use
It was great to meet your social media team last night at ZooLights...It was fun to follow along on the Instagram stories your team was posting, and they really did experience it all. I hope they had a great time!
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