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If CNN calls, you can’t send your logo. Just as thought leaders and executives must be ready and willing to speak on behalf of their organizations on issues that matter, they also need a strong online thought leadership strategy to make the most of today’s digital landscape. That’s why Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC), a respected nonprofit that promotes health, security and opportunity for all Americans, engaged Social Driver. We led a training series to help BPC and its leaders explore new strategies to use social media - especially LinkedIn - to advance their important work. As a result, BPC’s leaders' reach, engagement, and earned media coverage have increased.

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Advancing Policy through Social Media Strategy

Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) has been in the arena for more than a decade, fighting for progress on issues that matter to American families. The respected nonprofit was founded by former Senate Majority Leaders Howard Baker, Tom Daschle, Bob Dole, and George J. Mitchell. Today, BPC fosters bipartisanship by combining the best ideas from both parties to promote health, security and opportunity for all Americans.

But, like many think tanks and policy organizations, BPC recognizes that the avenues for reaching and influencing the public and decision-makers have changed. BPC sought to train its leaders on people-centered digital strategies, such as using LinkedIn to drive thought leadership. As a result of this hands-on work, BPC experts have expanded their reach on digital channels, received more inquiries from media and driven national conversations about policy issues that matter.

Bipartisan Policy Center trusted Social Driver to lead a training series to help the organization and its leaders explore new strategies to use LinkedIn and other social media channels to advance their important work.


Creating and Amplifying Standout Content

For BPC, getting their team members engaged was key in maximizing both the company brand and the individual LinkedIn pages of key experts. We worked closely with BPC’s communications staff–first, consulting them on the overall strategy, and then creating a customized, multi-day training series to turn staff into content creators, networkers and amplifiers.

Social Driver Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer Anthony Shop led the BPC team through our proprietary framework for creating and distributing standout content. We practiced the concepts together in real time, so the team could start implementing the lessons right away. Our goal: showcase the power of LinkedIn and build the team’s skills so they could get the most out of it.


Driving Visibility and Advocacy

The BPC team brought outstanding questions and ideas, and they’ve put these concepts into practice–with impressive results. BPC’s leaders have sustained a visible presence on LinkedIn, and they are quoted more frequently in the media. Many staff members now engage regularly on LinkedIn, leveraging their individual networks around BPC’s important work.

Along with a stronger strategy to reach more advocates, key donors and journalists, BPC’s team came away with a renewed enthusiasm for communicating their mission.

Audrey Cope, BPC’s Special Assistant to the President, noted: “The best part of working with Social Driver was how passionate we could see you were, and in turn how we could emulate the same excitement for our own work.”

How We helped

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Generating Impactful Media Coverage

Our session for BPC leaders, “From Chief Executive to Chief Influencer,” gave participants an action plan to raise their visibility online, so reporters could find them and engage with their research. We also showed BPC experts how to amplify their news coverage.

Soon after BPC housing policy expert Dennis Shea began applying these lessons, reporters started contacting him–and one of his commentaries landed in a prominent LinkedIn Daily News Roundup. After the training, Shea continues to be regularly quoted in the news media.

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An Actionable Strategy

Social Driver training sessions lay a strong strategic foundation and give clients the tools to act on the strategy right away. For BPC, we conducted hashtag research and created a cheat sheet of hashtags they should target to join relevant conversations. We also created a playbook to announce and amplify BPC statements. This tool supports the Communications team and educates policy experts about best practices to amplify their research.

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