An Interactive and Creative Strategy to Showcase the Economic Impact of the Senior Living Sector




Showing the Economic Impact of the Senior Living Industry

Few people understand the economic impact of senior living communities. So Argentum, the national association serving companies that own, operate, and support senior living communities in the US, set out to determine the economic impact of senior living communities across the nation. They found that these communities not only created jobs and supported local businesses, they also had a huge impact on charitable organizations and local government revenue. They discovered that these communities create holistic economic change wherever they're located. Argentum came to us with a challenge: how do we get that knowledge into the hands of its association members, state partners, media, and policymakers?


Taking a Multipronged Approach to Communicating Impact

We developed an integrated strategy that included branding, a new microsite, an explainer video, and templated infographics. Each element of the campaign focused on communicating the impact of the senior living industry in different ways.


Connecting Data With Decision Makers

The microsite, video, and infographics allow Argentum’s stakeholders to find and share data about the impact the senior living industry has across the nation. Now that policymakers can see the economic impact of the senior living industry on other industries and compare state by state, they can make policy decisions with deeper context.

How We helped

Research & Digital Strategy
Web Design & Development
Brand Development
Data Visualization
Animated Explainer Videos

Strong Branding Is a Matter of Fact

We created a straightforward and energetic brand identity that captures our commitment to showing logical impact through data. An emphasis on modern typographic treatments and vibrant action-oriented colors, work together to highlight important ideas, calls to action, and statistics.

The Senior Living Impact brand is part of a family of three Argentum Senior Living brands, also created by Social Driver. Building on the Argentum brand style as a strong foundation, we created distinct identities that feel related while appealing to different audiences.

Video within a cellphone sized window.

Educating Through Data Visualization

The microsite,, includes data visualizations and an interactive map. Users can sort by location, compare data among states, and filter data by economic impact, government revenue, jobs supported, and social responsibility. We also future-proofed the map so that staff can easily update the national and state-level data.

Storytelling With Video

We also produced an animated video that brings the story of the senior living industry’s economic impact to life and helps viewers understand how to use the interactive map.

Creating Infographics

We also designed infographic templates that focused on explaining the impact of the senior living industry on jobs supported, government revenue and social responsibility. These templates will allow Argentum to easily update and export additional images with new data.

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