Fighting Health Apathy with an Immersive Digital Experience

American Hospital Association


The American Hospital Association (AHA) is the voice of the nation’s hospitals, health care networks and providers. AHA hired Social Driver in 2020 to broaden its digital reach, and the reach of its members, by targeting audiences through social creative that encouraged mask-wearing and COVID-19 and flu vaccinations. Through this work, Social Driver proposed a paid campaign to further expand that reach during the 2021 back-to-school season.

Social Driver created an interactive digital journey, leveraging the Facebook Instant Experience ad structure, to educate families and normalize vaccination. Nearly 2.1 million people saw the Instant Experience, and almost 430,000 engaged with the campaign, with a cost per click much lower than the industry average. The American Hospital Association reached 100x more people with a targeted ads strategy. The initiative also cemented AHA’s reputation as a trustworthy public health leader.

Your team is great to work with and have really delivered the goods for us. I’m pleased to have Social Driver as a partner in this work.


Combating Pandemic Fatigue and Building Vaccine Confidence

The American Hospital Association (AHA) serves as the voice of the nation’s hospitals, health care networks, and providers through industry leadership and advocacy. AHA has tirelessly educated the public throughout the COVID-19 pandemic by providing digital toolkits and other resources to more than 5,000 members.

Several months into the global health crisis, AHA needed creative ways to combat the public’s fatigue and apathy around the pandemic, while extending its creative team’s capacity. AHA hired Social Driver to broaden its digital reach to target audiences through social creative, encouraging mask-wearing and COVID-19 and flu vaccinations.


Leveraging New Ad Platforms for an Immersive Experience

Social Driver’s relationship with AHA goes back to 2014. We operate as an extension of their team, sharing digital best practices that honor the core tenets of their brand. So, we were ready to hit the ground running when AHA hired us to support its public health outreach during the pandemic.

Our team’s digital strategists and designers brought diverse viewpoints and experience to define an impactful strategy. We recommended running a paid digital campaign to reach parents and students at a pivotal moment for vaccination: the back-to-school season.

We proposed leveraging Facebook’s Instant Experience ad unit, a fully immersive, completely interactive environment that opens after someone taps an ad on a mobile device. Our team created a Figma flow chart and mood board to show AHA how it would look and feel, and they immediately championed the Back2School campaign.


Cementing a Trustworthy Reputation

The Instant Experience campaign was a tremendous success. On a broader brand awareness level, the campaign cemented the American Hospital Association’s reputation as an authoritative, trustworthy public health leader in the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Along with this campaign, Social Driver offers ongoing design support for AHA’s public health efforts, delivering a fresh, strategic design perspective. Social Driver is proud to partner with AHA on vital outreach initiatives that impact millions of Americans’ healthcare decisions.





2.1 million




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Creating an Interactive Journey

Our team designed the campaign as a “pattern interrupt” to catch viewers’ attention and draw them into an interactive journey. Audiences could swipe, click and tilt their phones inside the Instant Experience, making the campaign feel less like an ad and more like an adventure.

Video within a cellphone sized window.

Educating Families and Inspiring Change

The campaign spoke directly to vaccine hesitancy by addressing common questions and concerns and guiding viewers to credible resources from AHA and the CDC. The ads appealed to parents who wanted to give their kids a regular childhood, normalizing vaccines as the safe way to enjoy activities like sports, concerts, and hanging out with friends. Through this creative format, AHA spoke to people with a wide range of perceptions about the vaccine–and gave families the resources they needed to feel safe going back to school.

Reaching Audiences at All Levels of Awareness

We wanted to take the interactive experience a step further, so we developed two distinct Instant Experiences that offered a “choose your own adventure” environment. As viewers answered a series of engaging questions, they journeyed through a segmented user flow based on their responses.

Breaking out of the Brand Box  

Communicating important healthcare information to families shouldn’t feel overly clinical. In the Instant Experience slides, an autumnal color palette and retro design elements create a fresh look and feel, while keeping the urgency of the message at center stage. Our team partners with AHA to create designs that complement their existing brand while pushing into new creative directions.

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