May 5, 2023

This might be the biggest change to Twitter. What does it mean for my organization?

Twitter verification for ads explained

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As with any new policy, we understand that the recent changes to Twitter's verification requirements may seem confusing or overwhelming at first. And these might be some of the biggest changes at Twitter in its history.

Despite these chaotic changes, the Social Driver team is here to help any marketer or advertiser navigate these changes and ensure that your ads continue to run smoothly on the platform. Our team of experts is well-versed in the latest social media trends and policies, and we're committed to keeping our clients up-to-date on any changes that may impact their advertising strategies. We’re excited to share our expertise to untangle what’s happening with Twitter advertising and verification requirements for our clients and for anyone else needing support. 

Twitter has recently introduced a new verification requirement for accounts to continue running ads on its platform. This new requirement has left many marketers and advertisers confused about what they need to do to continue running their ads on Twitter.

If you are currently running ads on Twitter and your account is verified, there is no action you need to take at this time. Your ads will keep running per usual. 

However, if you have un-verified accounts running ads, any upcoming campaigns will not be able to be launched until the account is verified.

Twitter has introduced two new options for account verification: Twitter Blue and Verified Organizations. 

  • Twitter Blue is an opt-in, paid subscription that adds a blue checkmark to your account and offers early access to select features, such as Edit Tweet. To qualify for Twitter Blue, your Twitter account must be created more than 30 days ago, and you will be required to confirm your phone number during sign-up.
  • Verified Organizations enable businesses, non-profits, and government institutions to sign up and manage their verification and to affiliate and verify any related account. An affiliated account receives verification as well as an affiliate badge, which displays a small image of their parent company's profile picture, making it a great driver of followers from your whole network on Twitter. Requirements to qualify for Verified Organizations are straightforward. An organization must provide a matching active Twitter account, current organization email address, and current website domain during the sign-up process. Additionally, for government organizations, you must provide an official government email address.

Twitter Blue's pricing starts at $8/month or $84/year in available countries, while Verified Organizations subscription costs $1,000/month (plus any applicable tax) and $50/month (plus any applicable tax) for each additional affiliate in the U.S.

In short, if you are currently running ads on Twitter, ensure your account is verified to maintain uninterrupted access to Twitter's advertising platform. If you have unverified accounts running ads, you will need to verify your account before launching any new campaigns. Consider Twitter Blue or Verified Organizations as your verification option, and be ready to pay the required fees. 

This change to Twitter’s advertising policy is going to impact innumerable companies and organizations, changing if and how they spend advertising dollars on the platform. “Upon hearing the news of the update, we felt it was our duty as an agency and a good partner to not only inform our clients but provide them with all the necessary information to make a prudent decision,” explained Justin Smith, Director of Social & Digital Media at Social Driver. He added, “Even though we are not recommending clients take one action over the other, we have established open lines of communication to continue educating them on the situation and making ourselves available to adjust current and future strategies should any client decide not to opt into any of the verification subscriptions. While are not pleased about the abrupt change, we are happy we can be there for our clients during this time and happy that we have been able to provide the level of service thus far.” 

If you're feeling unsure about the new Twitter verification requirements or need assistance in obtaining verification for your account, know you’re not alone! If you’re looking for a better way to tackle Twitter ads, verification, or your social media presence as a whole, we're here to help you navigate the ever-changing social media landscape and ensure that your brand remains visible and successful on the platforms that matter most to your audience. Reach out to