April 7, 2021

Statement Against Racism and Violence Targeting AAPI Communities

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We stand in solidarity with Asian American and Pacific Islander communities (AAPI), which face escalating racially motivated violence, including the horrific attacks in Georgia and New York. 

We condemn any attack on the AAPI communities and elders, along with racist rhetoric that has fanned the flames of violence. This dangerous rhetoric has led to a 150% rise in hate crimes over the past year reported against Asian Americans, disproportionately against Asian women. The deep roots of racism in this country have always impacted AAPI communities and it needs to change. 

No one should ever live in fear because of their race, but they do.

Change begins in our small corner of the world, and Social Driver is committed to acting out against hate and being an anti-racist organization. Join us in condemning racism and violence against AAPI communities.

Let’s be part of the solution by advocating for others, elevating voices of those with lived experiences and supporting organizations that have long been dedicated to this important work:

Stop AAPI Hate

AAPI Women Lead 


Social Driver’s Anti-Racism Resource Group and Social Driver CEO + Co-founder Thomas Sanchez