January 23, 2024

Social Driver Leadership Successfully Graduates from Prestigious EC-America Program at Columbia Business School

Discover the success story of Social Driver's leadership as they graduate from the prestigious EC-America program at Columbia Business School. CEO Thomas Sanchez, VP of Operations Leslie Albrecht, and VP of Project Management Jon Gavejian completed the year-long program designed for Latino-owned businesses, gaining essential skills to elevate Social Driver's position in the industry. Join us in celebrating their achievements and the growth of our team!

Our Team
Marketing & Communications

Social Driver is proud to announce that members of our leadership team successfully completed the prestigious EC-America program at Columbia University's renowned Columbia Business School. Congratulations to Thomas Sanchez, CEO and Co-founder, Leslie Albrecht, VP of Operations, and Jon Gavejian, VP of Project Management. We were accepted into the inaugural U.S. cohort of EC-America, a premier business program designed for Latino-owned businesses just over one year ago. Now that the program is over, our team has grown and evolved immensely. 

EC-America is a year-long program that combines in-person and virtual courses, providing established Latino business leaders with the essential tools and skills to build and expand their companies. Rooted in the values of entrepreneurship and competitiveness, the program aligns perfectly with Social Driver's vision of being at the forefront of the industry.

The EC-America program fosters community and camaraderie among participants, creating opportunities for shared learning and growth. Participants, including Social Driver's team members, had the chance to learn from Columbia Business School professors, occasional guest lecturers, and other successful entrepreneurs.

The graduation took place in New York on January 20, 2024. Social Driver’s CEO Thomas Sanchez was voted to speak on behalf of their graduating cohort. 

Now that Social Driver has graduated from the program, we’re looking for exciting ways to leverage the knowledge gained and share it with our broader community. 

Congrats to our team for an incredible year!

About EC-America:

EC-America is a high-impact program exclusively for Latino entrepreneurs of established firms in the United States. Hosted by Columbia Business School's W. Edward Deming Center for Quality, Productivity, and Competitiveness, EC-America empowers leaders with concrete skills and methodologies to build and expand their companies. The program aims to train Latino entrepreneurs to grow their companies, create jobs, strengthen professional networks, and advance economic equity.