February 17, 2021

Social Driver Highlighted in Ragan Case Study for Expertise in Battling Misinformation with Goodwill Industries

How Social Driver Partnered with Goodwill to Counteract False Narratives

Marketing & Communications

Social Driver has been recognized in a recent Ragan case study, "How Goodwill combats misinformation," highlighting our expertise in combating misinformation and disinformation, which continue to be major concerns for both corporate and nonprofit leaders.

We worked with Goodwill Industries International ion combating misinformation. Our partnership was a large component of their approach. Social Driver played a pivotal role by providing strategic guidance, crafting sample content, and conducting training sessions for Goodwill organizations across the US and Canada.

To counteract the spread of fake news and restore the brand's reputation, Goodwill implemented a multifaceted approach. This included setting the record straight with key media outlets, producing informative mailers, equipping staff and store associates with talking points, and launching an integrated social media campaign (both paid and organic). Social Driver emerged as a key partner in this successful initiative, and our contributions are acknowledged in the Ragan Communications case study.

Lauren Lawson-Zilai, Senior Director of Communications and External Relations for Goodwill, has said of Social Driver, "They’re proactive, and I feel cared for on a strategic and personal level." We are proud to be recognized for our proactive and strategic approach in helping organizations navigate challenges posed by misinformation