August 31, 2023

Social Driver CSO Shares AI Insights in PRWeek

Read valuable insights on the responsible adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in corporate settings, drawing parallels to the evolution of social media usage in the workplace.

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Social Driver Co-Founder and CSO, and National Digital Roundtable Chairman, Anthony Shop, advocates for thoughtful AI adoption in noteworthy PRWeek interview.

In the article, Anthony underscored the significance of measured and ethical adoption of AI technologies within corporate environments. His insights shed light on a critical aspect of the contemporary business landscape.

Drawing a parallel between the current cautious approach to AI and the historical reluctance towards social media usage in the workplace, Anthony emphasized, "These decisions are a pause by companies until they get the governance figured out; they're just communicating the pause as a ban."

He recalled how corporate America once restricted social media usage at work, only to later provide relevant resources, he shared, "The financial services industry told their team members they couldn’t use social media, including LinkedIn. Now they’re providing executive visibility training to those same people on LinkedIn because of the business opportunity,” said Anthony. “I suspect we’ll see a similar trajectory with AI in that it will become integrated into the work that businesses do."

As AI becomes increasingly integrated into business operations, Anthony predicts a similar trajectory. He stressed the need for companies to establish clear governance frameworks for AI adoption that align with their values, akin to what they have done for social media.

Anthony also suggested that companies can mitigate intellectual property risks associated with AI by using it as a query-based tool rather than for task completion. "By asking questions, AI can bring a perspective you may have not considered," he said. "I believe you can do that without revealing any IP or sensitive info, and it's also an effective use of the tool because it helps employees become better learners."

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