March 1, 2019

#loveSDelivered campaign raises $2,000 for The Trevor Project

What started out as a desire to send out Valentines, became Social Driver's #LoveSDelivered campaign reaching over 300,000 people and raising $2,000 for The Trevor Project.

Driver Foundation

Social Driver's February #loveSDelivered campaign doubled its goal, raising $2,000 for The Trevor Project to save young lives.

The month-long campaign, which started with the idea of sending Valentines to clients, became a social media success that reached more than 300,000 people. "The Trevor Project is a lifesaving organization we can all get behind," said Anthony Shop, Social Driver Co-Founder. "Rather than just write a check, we wanted to use this opportunity to raise awareness of Trevor's important mission to scale our impact."

Social Driver's marketing team devised a campaign that combined the tactile appeal of direct mail with the digital reach of social media. They mailed more than 100 Valentines to top clients and friends with instructions on how to participate in the campaign: For every use of the hashtag #loveSDelivered, Social Driver donated $5 to The Trevor Project.

The campaign reached its goal with hundreds of hashtag uses, retweets and shares - and then came the surprise. "One of our mentors was so inspired by what we did, he made an additional $1,000 donation to The Trevor Project to double our impact," Shop said. "It gave me goosebumps to get that email."

In addition to their clients and mentors, Social Driver's team expressed their support for the campaign. "I love that the company I work for gives back to the community, and especially to organizations like The Trevor Project," said Karee Miller, executive assistant to the CEO. "My daughter even joined in and used the hashtag on Instagram!"