November 28, 2017

Huffington Post Features Social Driver CEO on Creativity in the Workforce

Thomas Sanchez writes about the challenges facing creativity in the workforce (and how to manage them). At Social Driver, we pride ourselves on creativity.


Social Driver CEO and Founder Thomas Sanchez contributed a piece for The Huffington Post on the topic of creativity in the workforce.

At Social Driver, we pride ourselves on creativity. We like to move fast, we want to have fun, and we pivot when we need to. But that doesn’t mean it’s always easy.

In fact, it’s incredible how many roadblocks creativity faces in the modern workforce.

Despite the fact that top executives agree “creativity is the most important skill” for successful teams, most workers feel more pressure to be productive than creative.

This is especially true in fast-paced work environments (like ours) where creativity can actually lead to problems in a team setting.

So where’s the disconnect? How do we fix it?

Here’s what we’ve learned.

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