September 14, 2023

Fostering a Culture of Giving Back & Empowering Employees: Volunteering with Philly-based Nonprofit Launchpad

Discover how Dale Macauley, a Graphic Designer at Social Driver, made a positive impact by volunteering with Launchpad, a Philadelphia-based nonprofit revolutionizing education and technology. Learn about Dale's journey and Social Driver's commitment to empowering youth through meaningful volunteer experiences.

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Volunteering is a transformative experience that not only leaves a lasting impression but also has the power to positively impact the lives of others. At Social Driver, we take great pride in fostering a culture of giving back, and one of the ways we do this is by empowering our employees to engage in meaningful volunteer experiences. One shining example of this is the story of Dale Macauley, a Graphic Designer at Social Driver.

Recently, Dale had the incredible opportunity to volunteer with Launchpad, a Philadelphia-based nonprofit organization that is making waves in the community with its innovative approach to education and technology. Launchpad's mission is to prepare students from traditionally underrepresented groups for well-paying careers in the tech industry through its "learn-and-earn" workforce development program. This program spans two and a half years and starts in junior or senior year of high school.

Dale's involvement with Launchpad exemplifies Social Driver's value, “putting people above all else.” Not only did Dale volunteer time and expertise, but Social Driver's own nonprofit, The Driver Foundation, also stepped up by donating to Launchpad's annual event, Ignite, in support of Dale's volunteer efforts. We take immense pride in being an organization that actively supports the impactful volunteer work of our team members. “Being interested in representation in tech and education got me excited to be involved with an organization supporting that same mission,” explained Dale.  

Launchpad is a unique organization that aligns perfectly with Social Driver and The Driver Foundation's dedication to young people, technology, and giving back to the community. Social Driver understands the value of having diverse voices and people from different pathways. Dale's journey with Launchpad started with an invitation to participate in a Lunch and Learn session hosted by the organization. During this event, Dale shared insights about the role of a Graphic Designer with students who showed interest. "What struck me was the engagement and curiosity. They weren't just passively listening; they were actively participating, asking questions, and eager to learn," explained Dale.  

As the day unfolded, it became evident that Launchpad's mission went beyond merely introducing young minds to career opportunities in tech. It was about instilling a sense of empowerment and possibility in these students. They had questions about practical aspects of pursuing their passions, such as building portfolios, the importance of education, and potential earning prospects. These questions underscored the need for guidance and mentorship, a need that Launchpad fulfills admirably. 

Dale's commitment to Launchpad didn't stop with that initial event and continued by volunteering as a judge for their Ignite pitch competition. Ignite is an initiative that empowers students to transform their ideas into actionable solutions, nurturing a generation of young innovators poised to make a tangible and lasting impact on their communities. The students from the Lunch and Learn were thrilled to see Dale again, and excited to learn and share what they created. The presentations Dale witnessed were not just ordinary; they were brimming with innovative ideas addressing real-world problems. From crowd-sourcing information about technology education in developing countries to creating a platform for diverse voices in the beauty industry, these students showcased their dedication to positively impacting their communities. 

But community extended beyond how the students wanted to impact their own to the community built around the organization. “You could feel that there was such a community presence and support, in terms of families, loved ones, extended families, and other people involved with Launchpad,” explained Dale. Witnessing their determination and seeing their families and loved ones cheering them on was a heartwarming experience that underscored the importance of platforms like Launchpad.

"Volunteering isn't just about giving back; it's about inspiring and being inspired. It's about sharing knowledge and learning from fresh perspectives. Through initiatives like Launchpad, we can bridge gaps, amplify voices, and drive change. So, let's keep the cycle of empowerment going, one volunteer opportunity at a time," said Dale.

The enthusiasm and innovation displayed by these young individuals were truly remarkable, and at Social Driver, we are immensely proud of team members like Dale for actively participating in such impactful and exciting opportunities, like supporting Launchpad. A t Social Driver, we are passionate about supporting our team and organizations that prioritize mentorship and empowerment, shaping young leaders and innovators. Our commitment to giving back and fostering a culture of empowerment is not just a value; it's a key component of our culture that we proudly embrace.