November 20, 2022

Social Driver is Certified CyberReadyMBE

In a continued effort to prioritize security, Social Driver completed NMSDC's CyberReadyMBE program

Supplier Diversity
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Social Driver, a leading digital marketing agency and a proud member of the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC), participated in the CyberReadyMBE® program last fall. This initiative, led by top cyber experts and industry leaders, is designed to prepare companies to be more secure in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Social Driver's participation in the program is crucial to ensuring the security of its clients. The company's Vice President of Operations, Leslie Albrecht, and People Manager, Darnell Lee, attended the 2022 National Cyber Summit last fall as part of the program. "As a company that values and supports the security of our clients, it was crucial for us to participate in this program. We take the responsibility of protecting our clients' information seriously and strive to provide them with peace of mind. The knowledge and skills we gained through the CyberReadyMBE® program allow us to provide even better services to our clients, and we are proud to have this certification to demonstrate our commitment to their security."

By participating in a series of modules over a 4-week period, Social Driver was able to equip itself with the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the new, stricter supply chain protocols that are now required. This preparation ensures that the agency can offer its clients top-notch services, including security. The program's benefits include obtaining a cybersecurity pathway to close cyber gaps and aligning cyber readiness with Department of Defense guidelines, leading to government contracting opportunities. 

“CyberReadyMBE helps minority-owned businesses (MBEs) align with important government and corporate cybersecurity requirements like the CMMC standards used by the Department of Defense. Businesses that receive CyberReadyMBE designation are better able to compete for government and corporate contracts and grow their revenue through increased business opportunities in both the public and private sector,” said Senior Director of Strategic Alliances and Programs Jetheda Hernandez. “At a time of unprecedented expenditures from the federal government, we are excited to continue to partner with Industry Workforce Solutions to ensure NMSDC-certified MBEs are well-equipped to fulfill these valuable government contracts.”

Social Driver is now proud to offer excellent security to clients, Fortune 500 and nonprofits alike, recognizing the importance of staying ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving digital landscape. The company's participation in the CyberReadyMBE® program solidifies its commitment to ensuring it can offer top-tier security to its clients. As a result of its participation, Social Driver was awarded a certificate of completion and a CyberReadyMBE® Designation, both of which are recognized by the NMSDC and its corporate members.