July 6, 2023

Chief Influencer Recognizes Diverse Group of Leaders Who Inspire and Influence Across Industries

Discover the secrets to exceptional leadership and effective communication on the Chief Influencer podcast. Join renowned hosts and influential guests as they share actionable strategies and cross-sector insights to help you succeed.

Chief Influencer is a transformative initiative that celebrates the power of connection and recognizes individuals with the unique ability to inspire and influence. Join the groundbreaking podcast hosted by Anthony Shop and learn valuable insights from successful leaders across diverse industries.
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Some leaders can break through the noise. But how? It's all about the power to inspire and influence others.

Introducing Chief Influencer, a groundbreaking initiative brought to you by Social Driver and The Communications Board, in partnership with The George Washington University - College of Professional Studies. This initiative recognizes individuals, “Chief Influencers,” for their unique ability to connect with others, motivating individuals both inside of their organizations and beyond and creating a lasting impact.

Through engaging, conversational interviews, successful leaders delve into their distinct tactics with each episode of the Chief Influencer podcast. What sets Chief Influencer apart is its commitment to cross-sector learning. Your next breakthrough idea may come from a Chief Influencer facing similar challenges in a completely different industry. This podcast provides a unique opportunity for senior leaders and aspiring executives to learn from diverse perspectives, enhance their communication skills, and gain valuable insights into effective leadership.

But that's not all – Chief Influencer is proud to be the product of collaboration between esteemed partners who share our mission of fostering exceptional leadership.

The Communications Board is an organization with the mission of providing high-quality professional development for every communicator, and in partnership with Social Driver, the leader in people-centric digital marketing, they together are embarking on bringing the most innovative communications techniques with each episode.

“Chief Influencer is a transformative initiative that celebrates the extraordinary power of connection and the remarkable individuals who leverage it,” says Robert Krueger, Executive Director of The Communications Board. “As we recognize each Chief Influencer, we aim to bring listeners the most cutting-edge communication techniques and game-changing ideas from diverse industries in each riveting episode.”    

And with the support of the George Washington University College of Professional Studies, Chief Influencer can be inspirational to those growing within the communications field. With in-person and online programs ranging from master’s degrees in public relations strategy to certificate programs in digital communications, the George Washington University College of Professional Studies offers more than just the credentials to help working professionals get ahead. It prepares them to be leaders in their field.

“This podcast and initiative is a wellspring of inspiration for aspiring communicators and those already navigating their careers. We’re thrilled to be a part of Chief Influencer and support a program that empowers current and future influential leaders,” says Liesl Riddle, Dean of The George Washington University College of Professional Studies.  

Chief Influencer is hosted by Anthony Shop, Chairman of the National Digital Roundtable, CSO and Social Driver Co-Founder, and Communications Expert. “For the last several years, I’ve been on a quest to figure out why some leaders stand above their peers, demonstrating an exceptional ability to inspire and influence others,” explained Shop. “Some are LinkedIn pros. Others are expert storytellers. Many consider their most important audience to be the people inside their organizations. But all have developed strategies and tactics that work, which any of us can learn from.”

Our first several episodes include interviews with:

  • Luke Fraizer, conductor of the American Pops Orchestra
  • Monica Goldson, Ed. D., CEO of Prince George's County Public Schools
  • Rob Sand, State Auditor of Iowa
  • Peggy Rajski, Founder of The Trevor Project
  • And many more to come!

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