GED Testing ServiceCelebrate and encourage generations of students earning their GED

GED Testing Service, creator of the official GED high school equivalency program, knew it wanted to bring its dispersed, online community of graduates together. Social Driver, in partnership with the GED Testing Service, launched the #GEDGradDay campaign to empower GED graduates to celebrate the accomplishment of earning their high school equivalency while also encouraging the next generation of students to open the door to their futures with the GED.


Engaging Generations

We sought to promote a community that celebrates current graduates who earned their GEDs, while inspiring future generations to earn one as well.


#GEDGradDay Campaign

Our team implemented digital and social media strategies to engage underserved groups. Campaign tactics included encouraging graduates to post photos demonstrating the value of their GED credential; sharing original videos and images that promoted the day to the community; hosting a real-time Facebook Q&A session about the GED; and developing a partner toolkit with sample social media posts that partners could share.

How We Helped

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Collage of GED Grad day social media postsGED Grad Day logo and hand drawn doodles

Making the Community Easy to Join

  • Creating and sharing social videos and images that promoted the day to the community.
  • Developing and distributing a partner toolkit with details about the day and sample social media posts and graphics that partners could share.
  • Hosting a webinar for adult educators to inform and involve them with the cause.
  • Compiling graduate photo submissions and resharing top content so a larger audience could share in student successes.

Making the Community Easy to Join

Beyond the social media strategy, we focused on an integrated media approach that included earned media from outlets such as HuffPost, which wrote an article about the new national celebration.

ConfettiHuffington Post LogoConfetti

User-Generated Content

As part of this campaign, we collected pictures, videos, testimonials, and posts from real people whose lives had been changed by the GED. We then promoted these stories in branded videos and social media posts from official GED accounts.

GED Grady Day tweet from @emilyfranESL, "Celebrating my little brother's accomplishment #GED #GEDGradDay #SISePuede
Organic GED Grady Day tweet from @caitlinsearls, "One of my greatest accomplishments cam around this time last year when I finally womaned up and got my GED... Happy #gedgradday to all my other GED people! You rule and I am so proud of you!
Organic GED Grady Day tweet from @ALCHenderson, "The students and staff at Henderson County KY Adult Education are tipping their hats to GED graduates! Congratulations! #GEDGradDay
Organic GED Grady Day tweet from @kabandman, "Salute to #GEDGradDay. Please tip your hat to our #GED graduates today. #KSAAdultEdu #AdultEdu #KSEd @GEDTesting @ksregents"
Organic GED Grady Day tweet from @AoHDC, "Today is #GEDGradDay! #HatsOff to all those who put in so much work to weary that cap! #AdultEdu @GEDTesting


A New Day to Celebrate

Whereas the GED Testing Service once struggled to engage its dispersed graduate community, our inaugural GED Grad Day was a success and has become an annual virtual event.

People reached
Social Media Impressions (2017)
People Engaged
People Used #GEDGradDay

In its second year, we saw significant growth in engagement. As a result, more individuals are being motivated to start their GED journey.

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