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The American Hospital Association (AHA) is the voice of the nation’s hospitals, health care networks and providers. AHA hired Social Driver in 2020 to broaden its digital reach, and the reach of its members, by targeting audiences through social creative that encouraged mask-wearing and COVID-19 and flu vaccinations. Through this work, Social Driver proposed a paid campaign to further expand that reach during the 2021 back-to-school season.

Social Driver created an interactive digital journey, leveraging the Facebook Instant Experience ad structure, to educate families and normalize vaccination. Nearly 2.1 million people saw the Instant Experience, and almost 430,000 engaged with the campaign, with a cost per click much lower than the industry average. The initiative also cemented AHA’s reputation as a trustworthy public health leader.


"Our HealthySteps program has a goal to reach at least 1 million babies and toddlers by 2032, and our new website supports the people making it happen. The early childhood development experts who support families can find our latest resources and announcements--and they’re in love with the clean, engaging design! Social Driver helped us gather user feedback, and the new website directly addresses their needs. The new site better tells the HealthySteps story and is a game changer for our growing program. We couldn't have done it without Social Driver."
Ernestine Benedict


Creating a Cohesive, User-Friendly Experience

ZERO TO THREE is a global association with a mission to give every baby and toddler a strong start in life. The nonprofit promotes nurturing parenting and healthy development through programs like HealthySteps, which assists pediatric primary care providers in adding a child development expert to their team.  HealthySteps serves a healthcare audience that is unique from that of the parent organization, ZERO TO THREE. That presents a unique challenge of aligning its brand to its audiences while also aligning to the ZERO TO THREE parent brand. The previous HealthySteps website faced challenges of its own. It was difficult for current and prospective HealthySteps practitioners to navigate. And updating the site was frustrating and stressful for the ZERO TO THREE team.ZERO TO THREE turned to Social Driver to create a cohesive brand identity for HealthySteps and revamp the website’s functionality from the inside out.


Building a Hub for Healthcare Providers

Social Driver is one of ZERO TO THREE’s main partners on their multiyear digital strategy rollout, so we were well-positioned to lead this complex rebrand and website launch. Multiple Social Driver team members worked in tandem to develop high-level strategy while also diving into the granular project requirements.

In the brand development phase, we took ZERO TO THREE through a creative exploration process to drive consensus around the evolution of HealthySteps. While ZERO TO THREE had well-defined goals, they wanted to see plenty of visual directions and brand insights before defining a final path forward.

Social Driver overhauled the entire website user journey, making the site more accessible and a helpful resource for healthcare workers, particularly those using their phones. Integration with the client's Fonteva/Salesforce AMS allowed us to introduce a new user login system, a redesigned HealthySteps practice directory, and the ability for users to save articles. We also improved an application process that had deterred prospective HealthySteps practitioners.

Finally, we advised ZERO TO THREE to shift HealthySteps’ previously parent-centric messaging toward the program’s primary audience of healthcare workers, reinforcing its role as a trusted partner to the pediatric healthcare community.


Meeting the Needs of Providers and the ZERO TO THREE Team

The HealthySteps rebrand and website launch were a resounding success. Feedback from the ZERO TO THREE community shows that the new HealthySteps brand feels unique and special, yet clearly nestled under its parent organization’s umbrella. ZERO TO THREE’s board of directors loves the new visual identity, which gives the organization a platform to showcase the brand it has long aspired to be.

Meanwhile, the new website has dramatically improved the membership experience, through enhanced functionality, easier navigation and stories that spotlight the program’s success.


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increase in time spent on site


increase in new visitors in just 3 months

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Making the Community Easy to Join

Beyond the social media strategy, we focused on an integrated media approach that included earned media from outlets such as HuffPost, which wrote an article about the new national celebration.

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Above the Noise

You need to come prepared if you want to have an impact at SXSW and we brought our full set of strategies to bear. A strong unified message, properly focused, has the ability to break through the noise and reach people’s ears. On-the-ground teams, influencers, organic and paid posts were coordinated with consistent messaging across each major network.

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