Military Family Advisory Network

Leveraging Digital Ads to Recruit a Diverse Advisory Board

The Military Family Advisory Network partnered with Social Driver for a digital recruitment campaign to drive applications for the nonprofit’s Advisory Board. The campaign surpassed the goal by 65% and enabled the nonprofit to reach the largest and most diverse applicant pool in the organization’s history.

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“Social Driver’s creation and implementation of our Advisory Board recruitment campaign enabled us to reach the largest and most diverse applicant pool in our organization’s history. The standout campaign performance was only outshined by the people leading the project. Social Driver’s team members did the hard work up front to build an understanding of how MFAN works, the population we serve and why it matters. We couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.”
Shannon Razsadin
President & Executive Director, Military Family Advisory Network


Attracting Advocates to Strengthen Military Families

The Military Family Advisory Network (MFAN) connects military families to the resources, people and information they need to navigate all phases of military life.

MFAN’s main driving force is its Advisory Board, a dynamic group of military and veteran spouses who lead and advocate in their communities. With their diverse backgrounds and networks, advisors help MFAN understand what military families need and value–and foster authentic connection in the military-connected community.

MFAN recruits new advisors every two years. They wanted to achieve 150 applications for a recent cohort–and recruit advisors in markets where they planned to execute key programs in the coming years. As part of our longtime partnership with MFAN, Social Driver supported this recruitment process through digital advertising.


Expanding and Activating the Audience

Social Driver proposed a two-fold strategy to reach qualified candidates: integrating paid social media ads and leveraging organic tactics, such as social media and email. 

Our creative team developed visuals and copy that made the board positions feel coveted, but also accessible. We also created a partner toolkit to send to MFAN's existing network, so they could spread the word.

Based on insights from a robust media audit we’d previously performed for MFAN, we ran ads on Facebook and Instagram, where we maximized the campaign’s impact by: 

  • Activating the MFAN community by encouraging followers to share with their networks
  • Reaching new audiences in key markets with geo-targeting and creative customized to each location
  • Retargeting website visitors who’d shown interest in MFAN by directing them to the application page


Skyrocketing Past the Goal

The campaign was so effective that MFAN achieved 150 applications after spending slightly over half of its ad budget–ultimately skyrocketing far past that goal. 

  • 248 completed applications (65% over the goal)
  • 40% of applications completed came from targeted markets 
  • 36% of all link clicks were from previous visitors to the MFAN website
  • $0.67 cost per click (lower than industry standards) 
  • 3.47% click through-rate (higher than industry standards) 
  • 150+ shares of ads by viewers activating their personal networks
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