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September 4, 2018

EdSource Recognized Social Driver’s Work Designing New California School Data Dashboard

Website will have simpler layout, clearer translations and no more ‘pies’

Website will have simpler layout, clearer translations and no more ‘pies’

EdSource, a non-profit journalism website reporting on key education issues in California and beyond, recognized Social Driver’s work designing prototypes for the new California School Data Dashboard, saying that the work is drawing “good reviews” in the state.

“The dashboard is the website that rates districts, schools and student groups on test scores, student suspensions and a range of measures on a scale of five colors. It’s a key element of the state’s new school accountability system, which emphasizes performance on individual indicators without a single summative rating like a letter grade,” report EdSource.

EdSource reported that the new dashboard will be clearer and easier to navigate, including: a friendlier landing page, mobile-accessible designs, real Spanish translations and simpler language. The dashboard accommodates visual disabilities and non-color printers.

The new prototype demonstrates how data from each performance indicator will be translated into a visual display to indicate the performance of students overall. The color system indicates performance of the school or district as well as individual indicators for more specific metrics.

The data display also includes indications of change over time, such as when a school's graduation rate drops from the previous year to below the state’s graduation target. An “equity report” will be included to show how many student groups performed in each color category.

Design Exploration for Radial Dials

Design Exploration for Category Display

Social Driver partnered with Collaborative Communications Group on this project.

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