5 Tips for Better Privacy on Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg, Co-Founder and CEO of Facebook, testified before congress to address Facebook’s use and protection of user data. Social Driver understands the importance of securing personal information. 

Here are some immediate actions to help our clients and our community promote better privacy and ensure a bright future for social media.

1. Disable Location Services

Facebook includes location data in posts and status updates. To prevent Facebook from accessing your location information, turn off the location services feature. This can be done through your phone’s settings or within the Facebook app.

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2. Add a Layer of Security with Two-Factor Authentication

You may have experienced two-factor authentication through other online services, like your bank or email platforms. Facebook offers this feature as well. Once activated, it will add a layer of protection against unauthorized access by sending a verification code to your email or mobile device upon unverified logins (i.e. locations, browsers, etc.).


3. Don’t Become an Advertisement

Facebook ads target individuals based on their online activity. Therefore, you may see ads targeted to you based on pages and posts that you “like.” You may also see ads alerting you that one of your friends “liked” another company page or public profile.


4. Take Control of Your Profile

You have control over who can see and engage with your posts, who can contribute to your timeline, and even how searchable your profile is – take control! While some may have used this tip to keep grandma from seeing their constant flow of happy hour pictures, this is actually a very important step ensuring your information is secure from the public, extended networks, and more.


5. Avoid Third-Party Data Use

While it may seem like all fun and games, mobile apps, plugins, and websites linked to your Facebook account have access to your personal information as well. To ensure your information is secure, you can stop third-party access by updating your settings and logging into third-party platforms directly versus through Facebook.


Above are just five tips of many that will help increase your security on Facebook. It is important to know that you can review and update all of your privacy settings on Facebook at any time. We recommend reviewing all of your privacy settings here and making adjustments as you see fit to further protect your privacy.

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