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Dash in

Lifting Life's Journey

Transforming the convenience store transaction into connection

Concept 1
Concept 1

Secret Menu

While Dash In seems to offer more options than a person could eat in a year, it could be what doesn't make their menu that holds the most allure. Our Secret Menu campaign arouses a feeling of exclusivity by allowing customers to design their own menu item, vote on their favorite, and actually eat it!

Concept 2

Dash Cash

Create a unified and seamless brand experience for Dash In and Splash In customers that encourages customer loyalty engagement with both brands. It's not your generic rewards program. It's Dash Cash.

Concept 3

A "Dash" Of

A "Dash of" is a fill in the blank style tagline campaign that extends the Dash In brand beyond the world of convenience stores by allowing the brand to be inserted into everyday conversation and life. A Dash of positivity, a Dash of excitement, a Dash of more!